Keeping Delft easy to access

In November 2014, three e-shuttles and around 100 e-bikes were made available for hire in Delft Zuid. These vehicles will run between the Delft Zuid station, Delft Technology Park and Technopolis.

The initiative is meant to ensure a smooth transition of traffic as the Sint Sebastiaansbrug, the bridge between the campus and the inner city of Delft, is slated to go under construction. With the bridge inaccessible cars and buses will be unable to use on that route, making large parts of the city tough to access.

In 2013 companies in the area approached Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit for sustainable mobility solutions. Late last year, they launched Link2D, a collaborative service provider funded by most of the companies based in Delft Zuid and local companies from Delft.

“It is part of a bigger project to keep TU and the Techno Park accessible even as infrastructure in the area continues to grow. We have to keep small infrastructural solutions in mind going forward as space in Delft is limited. The e-shuttles and e-bikes are clean technology, moreover they don’t require large roads and can operate on bike paths,” said Bas Hilckmann, associate partner of Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit, an organisation that launched Link2D.

Renting the e-bikes and e-shuttles is easy. For the shuttle, you can register online or simply call the driver. The e-bikes are GPS-fitted and can be tracked via the website of app. The bikes can also be parked anywhere in the designated area, so there’s always likely to be one nearby. At the moment, a bike rental costs €1 per ride up to four hours and the tuk-tuk charges €1.50 per ride (up to three kilometres) and €3 (up to six kilometres). If you have guests arriving at the Delft Zuid station, you can even make a reservation for multiple people. “This is the pilot year for the project. Once we see if it’s commercially viable, we can talk about linking it to OV cards or student cards. For now, there’s a flat rate for everyone,” added Hilckmann.

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