Keep your distance

Keep your distance

Adults must again keep a distance of 1.5 metres. The outgoing cabinet announced this yesterday. For the time being, an exception applies to secondary and higher education.

Keeping a distance is only an urgent recommendation at the moment. But the cabinet is going to make it compulsory again “to reduce the sharp increase in the number of corona infections and to prevent further overburdening of the health care system”. The police and special investigating officers (BOAs) will enforce this and can again issue fines of 95 euros.

The maximum group size of 75 people is still the only restrictive measure in higher education, but it is expected that more will be needed in the fight against the virus.  

The Cabinet is currently paving the way for the introduction of a corona pass in higher education. In that case, students would only have access to the campus if they have been vaccinated, cured or tested. It is not yet certain whether the pass will actually be introduced, but it is the cabinet’s preference over introducing a complete lockdown in education.  

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