Introduction week over? Not for the internationals!

Delft’s introduction week may be over for the Dutch students, but the international introduction programme is still going strong with 2,400 participants. On Monday, groups of students with blue signs walked around the city.

The groups got city signs for the City Rally.

Group Heerhugowaard.

‘Heerhugowaard’ says the sign of the group of Volker, Yash and Varun. “It’s a city in the northwest of the Netherlands,” explains Yash, who is going to study Building Engineering for two years. He comes from India. “In India, the trend is to study in the USA. A lot of people go there. I prefer the multicultural atmosphere of Delft. If I would have gone to the States, I would have met Indian, Chinese and American students. Now I meet people from all over the world. Yesterday, for example, I met an Albanian! I never thought I would meet someone from there.”

Varun, Volker and Yash meet the Dutch culture. “I love the stroopwafels.”

Another Indian that did not go to the States is Varun. “I looked up the student life in Delft and I liked the stories. People here are very relaxed and welcoming, they speak good English and have a good sense of humour.” It surprised him that during the sunny weekend, people went out on to the streets. “Normally in a big Indian city, people will stay inside their houses. Here people went outside to enjoy the weather and the Jazz Festival that was happening. I like that.”

All kinds of city signs are stalled in the Aula.

Volker, who is going to study Biomedical Engineering for half a year, doesn’t think the introduction programme is too long. “You can take it easy and get to know people well. The atmosphere is relaxed this way.” Volker comes from Hamburg, Germany. “It’s nice that Delft is close to Hamburg, so my girlfriend can easily visit me. I will not go home unless it is necessary, but it puts my mind at rest that home is not that far.”

For the international introduction programme’s last days, the students will discuss student life in the past, present and future. On Thursday, the results will be presented and on Friday the introduction ends with a big closing party.

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