Intimidation using private data should be an offence, Parliament proposes

Intimidation using private data should be an offence

From threatening stickers on front doors to fishing for personal details online: intimidation of this kind should be made punishable by law, according to Parliament. Outgoing Minister Grapperhouse plans to write new draft legislation on this topic by the summer.

Last March, historian Nadia Bouras of Leiden University went to the police after she found a sticker of the radical right platform VizierOpLinks on her front door. Her house was being “observed” by their followers.

 A number of political parties have already posed questions about VizierOpLinks. This was again the topic of discussion on Tuesday. Minister of Justice Grapperhaus emphasised that he thinks doxing should “really be punishable”. He called doxing a “disgusting phenomenon”, and thus proposed that “we have to get down to work quickly.”

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