The international programme from the Theater de Veste

The Theater de Veste has announced its 2014-2015 programme which includes a number of programs aimed at the international community in Delft.

If you’re looking for something more than a film at the movie theater, consider one of the many performances at the Theater de Veste. Though primarily catering to Dutch speakers, the theater organisers have put together a schedule that is of interest to the international community as well.

“We’re mostly curating shows without a language competent for the international agenda,” says Jasper Weck, the head of marketing for the Theater de Veste. Such shows include dance and musical performances, which are appealing regardless of language.

However, they are working to bring more English-language programmes to the theater, comedy shows in particular. As the international population in Delft grows, the Theater has seen a rise in interest in English-language performances. “The English-language comedy shows seem to be popular with the Dutch and international population,” says Weck. They hosted comedian Greg Shapiro earlier this year.

The Theater de Veste will also be hosting the TEDxDelft Salons, starting in the fall. Until this year, the salons were held at the TU Delft library, but both the Theater de Veste and TEDxDelft are hoping to see an increase in interest in both organisations from the international community, as the events are held in English.

Tickets for shows are around €20, depending on the performance, and typically include a drink. There is a student discount available, which also varies by performance. You can get more information about the international programme on their website. Unfortunately, the majority of their website and their annual programme guide are predominantly in Dutch, with a few pages of English.

When asked what he’s most looking forward to this season, Weck says, “I’m really looking forward to the Scapino Ballet from Rotterdam,” a show which anyone can enjoy.

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