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For those of you who enjoy soaking in cinema, discussing movies and the art of filmmaking, or just simply have more fun watching films with company check out the TU Delft Screening.


Started in 2012 as part of the Introduction Activities for new students, Screening Nights is aimed at bringing students from across the university together while watching great movies. “A series of 10 movies from 10 different cultures around the world were screened. The idea was that this would help the acculturation process. Movies were carefully selected to give students a chance to delve deeper into other societies and understand the way we perceive and interact with the ‘others’,” explains Nikos Larisis, on behalf the organisation team.  “We started with a bang. The first film we screened was The Intouchables, a French production with comic sequences, action and a touching story. The seats were all full and extra chairs had to be placed. In total, around 150 people attended the screening,” says Larisis.

Now an independent student organisation, the organising team comprises students from across cultures and courses. The team includes Christos Bafatakis (MSc Transport Infrastructure and Logistics), Emannouil Chaniotakis (MSc Transport Infrastructure and Logistics), Vangelis Komninakidis (MSc Biomedical Engineering), Alessandro Fusaro (Master Thesis Student Industrial Design Engineering) and Larisis (MSc Embedded Systems). When the screenings were part of the Introduction Programme, they were held at the Faculty of Architecture, “Now, we host them at the Sports and Culture Theatre Room, where we can easily recreate the atmosphere of a proper cinema,” he adds.

In February they screened The Unbearable Lightness of Being, a film about love and human relationships, set against the backdrop of Czechoslovakia in the late 60s. The film was selected after conducting a Facebook poll among its 392 members. “We want the group to be open to new ideas and people. Live voting and online conversations are a way to increase active participation and encourage people to become part of the organisation procedure as well.”

Their next screening is in March and the poll to finalise the film will be held a week before the event. “At the moment, the program of SnC is overloaded, so we’re hosting events only once per month,” says Larisis. “ So, if you have a love affair with cinema or want to spent your nights in Delft in front of a big screen, you now know where to be,” he adds.


What: TU Delft Screening Nights!

When: March 28

Time: 21.00

Where: Sports and Culture Theatre Room

Get more information from their Facebook group:

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