Humans of TU Delft: Rens Heddes

Who are the people who study or work at TU Delft? Master’s student Rens Heddes says a summer internship helped him land a job before he even graduated.

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“I did a bachelor’s degree in computer science and now I’m almost finished with my first year of a master’s degree in computer science. I primarily follow the cyber security specialisation.A company called Insyde sponsored the rowing club I was a part of so that’s how I heard about them. I started as a summer intern almost two years ago and continued working there after that finished. Now I’m working part-time while I complete my master’s degree. It’s right in the centre of Delft so it’s close by and convenient. It’s been great combining work with studying. I’m a developer and I primarily work on a product called Easy LMS.

This quarter I’ve been working about two days a week and carrying a full load at school. Most people at university do some sort of extracurricular activities, like committees, so it’s not unusual to be so involved with something outside of studies. I really like working there and we are always searching for new developers. We also have a few summer traineeships open this year. You start small, but you would get to help with development of the product to get familiar with it. It would be nice if people can programme a little bit, but you don’t even have to be from computer science.

‘We are always searching for new developers’

I like programming and the people I work with are really nice. I did my bachelor’s thesis at another company and comparing it to my current job, it was very different. I did mostly the same stuff programming-wise, but there is just such a nice environment where I am now. The summer internship was a valuable learning experience for me. It mainly helped me learn about working in an agile environment with multiple sprint teams, and it helped me improve my coding and communication skills.

I’m still developing my master’s thesis. I plan to do an international semester next year so I will have a little bit of a study delay. But I did my bachelor’s in three years so I think I can take the break. I’m not sure where I will go yet, but I’m focusing on Austria or Switzerland at the moment. I speak a little bit of German, which I studied in high school, but most graduate programmes are in English so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

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