Humans of the OWee: Panda (English)

In Humans of the OWee we talk to people who have a special role on that day. The panda of the Outsite attended the OWee last year for the first time and has been with the fraternity ever since. Today, you can find him at the info market.

“Last year, I got invited by members of the Outsite. I come from China, and there gays are not as accepted as they are in the Netherlands. Here, I could be myself and I enjoyed the parade and info market. A lot of members think that I’m very cute. Children want to hug me all the time. That’s fine with me, but because of my bad eyesight, I cannot always see them and I bump into them!

The panda has been the mascot of the Outsite for a few years. That’s because the Outsite organises the yearly Panda Party, where people get stickers for their panda points. You earn a panda point if you haven’t had had sex for one week. It quickly became a famous party. Last year, we bought 50 pandas at the IKEA for the party and this year we’ll have a huge ball pit.

Besides the Panda Party, the Homo Bingo is legendary. It’s very over the top, but always a lot of fun. The fraternity keeps on growing, but every OWee it’s a surprise how many new members we’ll have. I think it’s good that there are more and more women among the new members.

When I became a member, I was invited to the Kennismakingsgroep, which we organise twice a year. There you can play games, exchange stories and go out. There are other members from Asia, for example from India, where gays are not easily accepted. They explicitly chose to study in the Netherlands so they could finally come out.

Although I used to live in Chinese temperatures, I find it very warm here! Last year I was completely wet with sweat after the parade, like I had been swimming. I wasn’t able to drink a lot. This year I will drink my first beer, through a straw.”

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