Humans of the OWee: Jurjen Tiel Groenestege and Jonathan Heemskerk (English)

In Humans of the OWee we talk to people who have a special role on that day. Today Jurjen Tiel Groenestege and Jonathan Heemskerk present the student association forum.

Jurjen Tiel Groenestege: “If you want to become the presenter, you have to send a short movie of yourself to the Board of the OWee. They apparently liked our movie, because we received the mail announcing that we were the presenters.”

Jonathan Heemskerk: “It’s important to give a good and informative impression of the different associations, without getting boring. There was no scenario from previous years, so we had to design the whole show ourselves.”

Groenestege: “This year, the discussion will be more like a debate. We’ve got a boxing ring in the middle of the Aula where the associations will battle each other. The external Commissioners know each other very well. These things make it more dynamic. It would be a pity if there are long silent moments. It’s possible that the freshers don’t ask any questions. We may have to help that debate a bit.”

Heemskerk: “We will host 18 associations in four rounds of one hour. That sounds like a lot, but in the end every association gets 3.5 minutes. One of the rounds is completely in English. This shouldn’t be a problem as we’ve had English lessons for years and we’ve translated some typical student words like borrel.

Groenestege: “We know each other from Virgiel. We became members in the same year and now we are both in the cabaret group. In the group, you produce a show with 13 others. You work on that show for half a year, and it’s so much fun. In the show we talk about the student world. Some jokes are only understood by members of Virgiel. Family and other friends also come to see the show – they like it a lot as well.”

Heemskerk: “I want to keep on performing. I was already into it before I was a member of Virgiel. It’s so cool, you are really in some kind of trance when you are standing there and people are laughing. All you need to do is keep going, like catching a wave when you’re surfing. Yes, I definitely don’t want to stop!”

  • Tomorrow in Humans of the OWee: the singer of the cantus.

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