How TU Delft is adapting once again

On campus education at TU Delft can continue, despite the stricter coronary measures. Student associations and X do feel the consequences. And how about wearing face masks?

Boy playing tennis at X. (Photo: Dalia Madi)

Face masks
The universities of Leiden and Maastricht are requiring the wearing of a mask, but TU Delft is not yet doing so. The university writes in a corona update that it ‘expects’ students and staff to wear one when moving around in buildings. Once they are seated, they are allowed to take their masks off. This also applies in laboratories. Microbiological, chemical and radiological labs are an exception. Disposable or personal reusable masks are not allowed there.

‘Clean houses have to stay clean’

Student associations and house parties
The student associations have been closed since 22:00 on Wednesday evening, as are all catering establishments. According to chairman Lars Rhijnsburger the Association Council Vera will do everything possible to ensure that gatherings will not move to student houses. “Lately we have seen more and more students coming together, inside and outside. What is the best way to prevent this from happening? We will soon be discussing that with, among others, the municipality and enforcement, because clean houses have to stay clean.”

Since the announcement of the new measures, X has been puzzling over their impact on sport and culture on campus. Not everything is clear yet, but private and group courses can continue. For groups, there is an exception for sport and dance – they have to stop until it is clear how they can proceed if possible). The fitness room also remains open. 
Contact sports and events have been shut down, as have competitions. What needs to be done with the training sessions of student sports clubs is still being researched. They will be suspended until at least 25 October, until it is known what the possibilities are. Cardholders can make reservations for the vacant fields for training sessions with a maximum of four people at a distance of one and a half metres.

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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