How to spend your summer in Delft?

Everyone says Delft is boring, especially in summer. Well not really, if you know where to be.
Maybe summer does not mean nice weather, travelling and swimming for you this year. Some stay in Delft for exam resits, some try to save up a little money, some arrive early before starting a new study.

Luckily for everyone there are quite a few events taking place during the summer. Here are some activity tips for your sunny summer days in Delft. Have fun!

Mooi Weer Spelen – 5/6 June
Just as the name suggests, Mooi Weer Spelen (Nice Weather Games) is a harbinger of the summer vacation. On these two days you get a chance to see different shows and performances by various artists. You may think that you don’t like artistic events, but wait on deciding until you experience the humorous student modifications of classics or dance-technology corporate acts. In addition to extraordinary shows, the atmosphere of the festival is not to miss.

Dutch summer courses – 26 June
For those who want to improve their social lives and CVs at the same time, the Institute for Technology and Communication offers intensive Dutch courses this summer. The courses follow a special method called ‘The Delft Method’, which is based on acquiring large amounts of words to rapidly develop your verbal skills. The Delft Method offers three levels starting from June 26. You can sign up until June 10.

Delftse Hout
Delftse Hout is a small pond just outside Delft that has huge meaning for the students in Delft. Referring to Delftse Hout as a summer activity would be cruel for those who remember the ice-skating season of last winter, but summer is definitely the best time to be there. During summer you can sunbathe, swim or have a romantic afternoon picnic without getting too far from the city. If it gets extremely warm this summer you may even try skinny dipping at the nude beach.

Jazz Festival – 13/14/15 August
You can discover the sophisticated side of Delft in August. During this festival, many bars, cafes and squares in Delft have live jazz music. It’s quite common to see dancing drunk locals on the streets. You won’t believe how many jazz lovers live in Delft. Don’t hesitate to grab a beer and join them in this non-profit festival.

Owee – 15/19 August
A sign that indicates the end of summer, a sign that says ‘it will start raining soon’ is the Owee. During the Owee (‘OntvangstWeek’), all Dutch freshmen go crazy for one whole week, trying to get to know each other and the city of Delft with dinners, introductions and parties. Although it is primarily organized for Dutch BSc freshmen, international and more experienced students can also enjoy certain events during Owee. Owee-infomarkt is one of the open events for everyone and introduces all student fraternities, clubs and organizations in Delft. Strongly recommended if you still don’t know how to spend your free time next year! So visit the Grote Markt on August 16.

Westerpop – 27/28 August
Last but not least, just before the new academic year starts, a pop festival is taking place on the grass fields behind the Grotius College. As is tradition, the line-up is always published on the Pentecost Monday. Westerpop happens to be one of the very few events that brings the students and locals together. Unique music, cold beer, junk food and sun. What could be better for spending the remaining days of the vacation?  

Ze zijn er weer: de buitenlandse studenten die voor een studie aan de TU kiezen. Vorige week meldden zich 570 master- en 275 exchange-studenten bij huisvester Duwo voor hun huurcontract en sleutels. Handen schudden was daarbij taboe om besmetting met de Mexicaanse griep te voorkomen.

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