History under the stars

History couldn’t get a more romantic setting. On Friday, October 25 2013, art galleries and
museums across Delft will open their doors through the night for a magical tour of the past.

A blinking green clover worth €10 will be your ticket into 25 venues on Museum Night Delft. While you explore history under the stars you can also get a boat ride under the stars and a quick trip on a tuk tuk between venues.

This year the theme for Museum Night is In Natura and explores the influences of new sciences on the exploration. At 19:45, the event opens with a theatre performance and the night closes with an after party in the centre. Besides getting to take a quick look at all the historic treasures in the city, you can also visit a number of temporary art projects by young artists.

“It’s a great opportunity to get to know the cultural side of Delft. Not only are museums and galleries open, but also the theatre (Theater de Veste), library (DOK) and cinema (Filmhuis Lumen). The audience attending is mixed, so it’s a great way to meet new people,” says Nina Voets, project leader of Museumnacht Delft.

Last year over 3,000 visitors attended various events of Musemnacht, and half of the audience was under 30. While the twinkling blue star would be a hard act to follow, the organisers have found a ticket that is just as much fun. The ticket, a plastic green clover, has a light which blinks when turned on. “Finding the perfect passe-partouts is 80% of the fun,” adds Rene Jacobs, of Gallery of the Kunstkop, one of the co-organisers of the night.

In 2012, they also organised the first event for expats, attended by over 100 expats and international students. This year there is a special meeting point for expats and students at De Zuster. Organised in collaboration with The Hague Expat and Sports and Culture, TU Delft, the meeting point will be open from 18:00 and there will be people at hand to help you find your way through the night.

What: Museumnacht (Museum Night)

Where: Delft

When: October 25, 2013

Time: 19:45 to 01:00

Tickets: 10 euros

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