GreenTeams expanding rapidly across campus

Just one year after the first GreenTeam was installed at the Faculty of 3mE, teams are now expanding rapidly across campus.

Sharina Ligtelijn is GreenTU's first GreenTeams coordinator.

A lot has changed since Delta last spoke with Green-mE, the GreenTeam at the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering. Time to catch up with Sharina Ligtelijn, team member of Green-mE and also the GreenTeams Coordinator of GreenTU.


Let’s rewind, what is a GreenTeam and when did this all start?

“Four years ago two Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering students noticed a lack of focus on sustainability in their bachelor programme. They decided to take action and wrote a report. This eventually resulted in the founding of the first GreenTeam, the Green-mE. This group of students work on integrating sustainability in their own faculty. As part of its work, the team wrote a practical guide that helps mechanical engineering students design with sustainability in mind and assess designs on sustainability-related criteria.”


What has the team accomplished since then?

“We rewrote the guide, which is used by first-year mechanical engineering students, gave lectures, made an educational video on Eco-Designing and created a new website. Wouter de Wilt, Chairman of Green-mE, and I were even awarded a position in the Top 100 sustainable young pioneers of the Netherlands 2019 for our work. But, more importantly, in the wake of Green-mE’s success, another GreenTeam called BKGreen emerged at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.”


News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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