A green ideas competition calls for impact

ClimateLaunchPad – one of the world’s largest green business ideas competition – calls for aspiring visionaries to turn their green ideas into successful start-ups. The TU Delft Innovation and Impact Centre and the TU Delft | Global Initiative have joined hands to organise the Dutch branch. The deadline is soon: Friday of next week 23 April 2021.

The contest expects the participants to create cleantech solutions for two tracks: any market and specifically Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC). The proposed idea does not have to be detailed and concrete. The programme provides a Boot Camp at the end of May – for those who pass the initial admission hurdle – where the trainers will teach the participants the required skills and connect them with customers and the business community. The national finals will take place between June and August.

  • Are you interested in combating climate change while making a profit along the way? Sign up your idea here.

Rayan Suryadikara / Science Desk Intern

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