Going to lectures with corona symptoms

Going to lectures with corona symptoms



At the Utrecht faculty of social sciences, half of the students with corona-like symptoms simply attend lectures, a random survey has shown. The faculty council finds the results “shocking”.


Of the 470 students who completed the questionnaire, half have come to campus with a cold or flu one or more times, reports news site DUB. Only 18 percent get tested if they are not feeling well or have a roommate with corona. About half do this one time and not the next, and more than 30 percent never get tested.


The students in the faculty council sent out a short questionnaire after three students denounced the obligation to be present. They were afraid of sitting right next to students on campus who, despite corona symptoms, still come to the university out of fear that their studies will be delayed. The one and a half metre distance does not apply in education and a corona pass is not required either. (HOP, HC)


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