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Visit a Green Village this summer, right here on campus. The field across the Sports Centre has been converted into a great place to hang out this summer. With a WiFi centre, a coffee station and a bar, it’s a great place to sit and work or host a meeting. while still enjoying being outdoors.

“The Green Village is an initiative of professor Ad van Wijk, a professor in future energy systems. He aims to build a village on campus where scientists, students, entrepreneurs and companies work together on realising innovations,” says Job Nijs, Managing Director, Green Village.

“It will be a place where experiments can take place, but also a place for the general public to get inspired and educated on new energy systems,” he adds. According to its website, the village will be eco-friendly from the ground up. No connection to electricity or water supply. Instead it uses innovative, experimental energy systems. “Drinking water will be produced from rainwater. Waste water will be reused and processed to create biogas and the village will have a direct current (DC) network to prevent energy loss. LED lighting in walls, bridges, buildings and products will provide lighting, atmosphere and signalling at the same time. Students are also considering intelligent windows that act as sun blinds,” explains the website.

The Summer Village is a joint initiative of several partners . “This is a way to get started and build a community around our village together with ID&T en Ballast Nedam; for TU Delft it also a way to get people out of the buildings and meet each other at a temporarily hotspot.”

The village will host hour-long relaxing sessions through the summer. From yoga sessions to meditation workshops, bio-food sessions to dance and DJs on Friday nights. Entry for most sessions is free.

The aim of the village is to create a lively community around the Green Village, both within and outside the university. “It is another step in building a vibrant campus that is not only a place to work but also to live, to relax and to meet,” says Job.

The Green Village is open until August 31. For more information:

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