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If you are an international student, the Delft International Student Society or Diss is for you. Join in on fun nights out, attend career boosting events, find solutions to housing and get your voice heard.

Sitting down to chat with Diss chairperson Ran Qedar from Israel was a breath of fresh air for the international community. Full of enthusiasm, Quedar is aiming to lead his new board of international student representatives to ‘reach new goals and create new initiatives’ for the year to come.

Diss just held their Constitutional Borrel to inaugurate their new board for 2013. As Chairperson, Qedar is leading a team of five including: Alexandra Carabot (Internal Affairs), Laura Coman (External Affairs), Usama Malik (Event Manager), Mary Panagopoulou (Treasurer) and Supraja Ramachandran (Secretary). Board members come from every level of education at TU Delft, ensuring that the interests of students from bachelors to PhDs will be well represented.

Between 2000 to 3000 international students attending TU Delft so Diss is a much needed organization. As the second official board comes into office, the society is looking to expand its membership, increase the number of activities they coordinate and promote and implement student’s ideas and questions. When asked what Diss does, Qedar states: ”We represent the interests of the students within the university, the city and act as an umbrella society.” This umbrella society is working with the International Office at TU Delft and with other international societies to bring the students together and approach problems on a large scale. They are even looking into doing swaps with other Dutch university’s international student societies to plan events.

Diss has some great events planned for the coming months including excursions to the botanical gardens in Den Haag and the Eco Village, nights out and a football match between international and Dutch students. Coming this April is a movie night, a career workshop and a celebration for Queen’s night. 

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