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There’s been much ado about King’s Day already, so we decided to tell you a little about King’s Night instead. As the nation gets ready to put on orange spandex and celebrate its very first Koningsdag on April 26, the party actually kicks off on April 25.

With live events, all-night parties, discos and pop music festivals- you’ll be spoilt for choice.

A good place to start the evening might be the Sports Centre on campus. Student organisation DISS and the department of Sports en Cultuur have decided to put you in the spirit of things with Get-2-Know-The-King’s-Night; a fun pub quiz and a King’s walk. Starting at 19.30, the pub quiz will have popular questions but also a section on the Dutch Royal Family – so start brushing up on the history of the House of Orange.

After the quiz, members of DISS will take students on a pub crawl to The Hague, where the entire city will play host to the big annual festival called Life I Live. “Traditionally, Queen’s Night festivities were always held in The Hague. We decided to continue that tradition and introduce students to events there,” explains Antanas Melaika, events manager, DISS. Organised by the local Binnenstad, the festival is now in its fourth year. Nine venues across the city centre will host things ranging from live bands such Baskerville and Cosmic Carnival and to dance stages. “We’re still working on finalising which venues we will visit, we may even do all depending on how things go. Students have to pay for their own drinks and transport, but the pub crawl is free. Two DISS members will be at hand, not as supervisors but more as a point of contact while everyone hangs out together.”

However, if you’re not in the mood to go to The Hague, then there’s a lot to do in Delft itself. At 20:00, the City Centre will become a hub of music and dance as well with the King’s Night outdoor festival being held at the Kromstraat. There are numerous live band performances open to the public for free, Catch acts such as De Sluwe Vos, Mr Belt &Wezol and David Laughton from 20:00 to 01:00. A stage will also be set up at the Wijnhaven (behind the Town Hall) later in the night.

Everyone above 21 years of age can also attend the Koningsbal – King’s Ball, at the Flora Theatre in Delft. Starting at 21:00 and on till 03:00, the music will range from the 70s onwards and DJs such as DJ Jett, DJ Ro and DJ 2Takes will play through the night. You will need tickets for this event – but they cost €5, so it won’t pinch your pocket much.

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