Genetic engineering can save the world

“Helping the world in one’s own eyes while destroying the world in the eyes of another. I am not sure that what I am doing will eventually be good for this world.” This story written by TU student Kimberly Barentsen gives insights in innovative complexity and the second thoughts of a student in technical sciences about ethics.

Kimberly Barentsen diving in Indonesia.

After three years of studying in the Netherlands, Kim Barentsen had decided to volunteer in Indonesia. Tired after being under water for two hours and overloaded with all her diving equipment, Kim dragged herself over the hot black sand of the beach. The struggle, involving the removal of her wetsuit in the warm, sticky weather gave her more of a headache than she already had. Two hours of measuring the condition of her coral garden gave her a headache, as she had found most of the coral white, which meant that the coral was lifeless. “This global warming is most unfortunate” she thought to herself, somewhat frustrated at how humanity was now also ruining the beautiful and peaceful underwater world.  The lovely lunch her motherly hostess prepares everyday would hopefully cheer her up.