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First-year PhD candidates and others hoping to master an overwhelming wealth of information needn’t despair – help is available on January 16 and 23 with the TU Library’s workshop, “How to Manage Your Research Information.”

Over the course of the workshop’s ten hours, TU Library specialists will teach graduate students how to make the most of their research information and information management tools. Ideally, participants will have experiences with search techniques in Scopus and Web of   Science, and be prepared to participate during the workshop. Workshop attendees will learn by doing. Presenters will pose questions which attendees will answer by conducting a variety of searches using different resources. The eight to twenty attendees will then discuss the results with their instructors. Participants will research the topic of their choice, and they will build a library using EndNote and Mendeley. Importantly, participants will also walk away with insight into the publication process that will allow them to succeed at publishing their work.

By the workshop’s end, participants will be more effective in “searching, finding, assessing, managing and processing” information, according to the workshop announcement. With their newly acquired skills, they will be able to create bibliographies with ease, create a reference library, find authors and journals effectively, manage information with reference management tools, create a subject map and to successfully carry out other key research tasks.

The workshop takes place from 12:30 until 17:30 on both days, in the Blue Room at the TU Delft library, includes homework and is in English. To sign up, visit the Course Enrolment web page. 

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