Fun in the Sunday

It wasn’t particularly sunny, but it was a Sunday. Over 900 students gathered at the TU Delft Sports Centre on August 25 for one of the biggest events of the Introduction Programme, Fun in the Sunday.

Over 15 different games were organised as part of Fun in the Sunday, from volleyball and football to traditional Dutch games such as koekhappen and ezeltje-prik. Koekhappen, or Bite the Cake, was one of the most popular games of the day. Participants were blindfolded and made to stand underneath a piece of cake dangling from a rope. Competitors won by eating their entire piece of cake first.

Aimed at fostering a strong sense of team spirit across departments, all students were divided into teams upon arrival. “There were seven to eight members per team and each was assigned a coach. The teams participated in several activities together throughout the introduction programme and the same teams play against each other at the games here,” said Alexandra de Vogel, a volunteer coach who is doing her MSc in Industrial Design.

Called the TUlympics in previous editions, the name of the event was changed this year because participants often expected sport more series than eating cake. “This year, the venue for the overall event also changed. Last time it was the architecture faculty, but this year the entire Introduction Programme was spread out between the library and the Aula, mostly the Aula,” says de Vogel, a volunteer for the fourth year running.

While ezeltje prik is the universally played “pin the donkey”, spijkerpoepen is a fascinating challenge. “A string of rope, with a nail tied on one end, is fastened to the participant’s waist like a tail. The player then has to squat in such a way that the nail enters the empty bottle placed beneath him,” adds de Vogel.

Other interesting games included panna knockout , where four students were locked in a cage to play a four-goal version of football. Roulette, catch the napkin and stoelendans were also on the programme.

The winning team of the day will be announced on Thursday, August 29, at the Multicultural Event being held in the Aula.

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