Former student demands compensation for data breach

Former student demands compensation for data breach



A former student of the Arnhem and Nijmegen University of Applied Sciences (HAN) is going to court because his private data became public in a data leak. He is demanding compensation and an admission of guilt from the institution.


While still a student in 2021, the man, like thousands of others, became the victim of a major hack at the HAN. He lies awake because of it, the local student union AKKU told newspaper De Gelderlander on his behalf. 


The union held talks with the university on his behalf, but these did not lead to an agreement. Therefore, the 28-year-old former student is going to court. He is demanding 1,000 euros in compensation and also wants the university to admit guilt.

Research showed that data of 530 thousand people were captured—almost 15 thousand cases involved privacy-sensitive information, such as medical information. More than four hundred social security numbers were leaked.


If the court awards compensation and other students can also get such compensation, the case could go a long way for the HAN. (HOP, PvT)

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