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Ukrainian fans cheer as Shevchenko scores a second goal in the match against Sweden at the 2012 European Championships, which is the one major event that truly unites Europe.

For hardcore sport fans it’s a time to unleash their inner beasts, but even people who don’t care much for football are swept up in the excitement. At what other time of year is it appropriate to paint yourself in bright colors, scream your lungs out and act like a crazy drunkard on a Tuesday afternoon? For TU Delft’s international students it’s the perfect opportunity to blend in with the orange Dutch mass, or to proudly wave their own country’s flag in defiance. For me, as a Ukrainian, it’s a doubly exciting event: for the first time in its history, the European Championship is hosted in my home country. It’s heartwarming to see Europe’s friendly, wild football fans gather in camaraderie to cheer and party in the places I’ve known as ‘home’.

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