[Food police] Chinese cabbage stamppot

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The reviewed dish: Chinese cabbage stamppot. (Foto: Marjolein van der Veldt)

  • Restaurant: Cormet
  • Day: Thursday, 1 November 2018
  • Time: 12:05
  • Meal: Stamppot with Chinese cabbage and pork

Temperature: 4
The time between picking up a plate and starting to eat is one minute at the most, thanks to the mystifying lack of a queue at the cashier. Waiting time cannot then be the cause of the tepid 47 degree Celsius temperature of the food. Pity, as the food is cold before you can finish it.

Texture: 8
The pork roulade on top of the stamppot is very tender, in part because of the sesame seed gravy. The stamppot is just as a stamppot should be: creamy but not too smooth. Another plus is that the Chinese cabbage is not boiled to a mush, but is still crunchy.

Taste: 7+
The stamppot, an ages old Dutch recipe, is given an Asian touch with the Chinese cabbage and sesame gravy. The gravy is very salty – a delicious (and much needed) condiment. It could even use more! Even the unexpected bell pepper is a surprising but pleasing addition. We did have our doubts about the fairly large chunks of mushroom though, added as the third vegetable. A large, undefined lump in the stamppot turned out to be a mushroom stalk that hopefully ended up in the meal by accident.

Proportions: 6-
The three slices of roulade were a measly, but adequate, quantity of meat for the dish. The proportions in the stamppot could be better – we had to search for the vegetables among the mashed potatoes. If you’re unlucky, you’ll have a mouthful without any Chinese cabbage, pepper or mushroom at all. For the rest, the dish is quite filling.

Price/quality: 7
At EUR 4.95, this is one of the cheaper meals in the Aula. It’s a good price for the quantity but is on the high side for the quality.

Presentation: 6
The slices of roulade with the brown, shiny gravy make the dish look appealing. The stamppot itself is less photogenic. The light coloured Chinese cabbage and the brown-grey mushrooms mixed with the yellowish mashed potatoes makes it pale looking. 

Experience: 7
With the short queue and quickly available table, a little after 12 is a good time to go to the Aula. Not long after eating our meal, the restaurant fills up. Timing is still important in this restaurant.

Overall rating: 6.5

Mirjam van der Ploeg / Stagiaire

Editor Redactie

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