Food for Brains: The Barn

The Barn is the new temporary spot on campus offering food, drinks and numerous activities. Hidden behind the sport buildings, you’ll have to walk around the back to see it.

The red color of the wooden boards conveys the classic American barn feel. Luckily the smell is less authentic. When you enter, the three kitchens are on the left with a grill, a salad and pasta bar and a pizzeria. Be careful though to wait in line at the bar because that’s where you actually need to order.

I went there on a Thursday evening, together with a few friends. Staff is friendly and always smiling and prices are fair. We all ordered dishes from the grill though the pizzas and pastas looked very good as well. After a short fifteen minute wait that we spent playing table football our meals were ready. The Tri-tip steak was served with fries, sweet corn and a small salad. The meat was tender but overcooked. Maybe I had to say I prefer medium rare as nobody bothered to ask when we ordered. The corn was cold but had good texture and nice smoky flavors. The salmon was served “en papillote” with some vegetables and also garnished with French fries and salad. The fish was cooked nicely but spoiled by the layer of burnt vegetables underneath.

Next time I go I’ll stick to the spare ribs. The marinade is great and the portion is substantially larger than the other two dishes. Also, you can eat them with your fingers so you don’t need the plastic cutlery that has the annoying tendency to break. The Barn is probably a great place to relax after training but I would not make a detour for the food alone.

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