Fire in student flat Duwo

Fire in student flat Duwo

A fire broke out in a student flat in Amstelveen on Saturday evening. Five residents were injured and several dozen had to leave their homes. Most students were able to return home later that night, but the smoke and water damage to some rooms was too great. A crowdfunding campaign was set up for these residents.

One of the residents complained that no central fire alarm went off and that residents had to warn each other. He has written a letter to housing association DUWO that has already been signed by dozens of residents, according to NH Nieuws. It could have ended much worse, is the conclusion.

A DUWO spokesperson says that everyone is very shocked, but that the flat did meet all the requirements. According to her, a central fire alarm is not required for this building. Some other buildings do have such an alarm, but the disadvantage is that it also goes off if students burn a sandwich at night. “Residents often don’t react to it anymore.”

  • On the website of the Landelijke Studentenvakbond you can check (in Dutch) the fire safety of your own house: are there fire extinguishing materials, is there an escape plan, do you know the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning?

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