Fines dished out at student party in DSC building

A student party was held in several buildings on the Coenderstraat last Friday. There were about 100 partygoers and the police levied fines.

DSC has several buildings on the Coenderstraat. (Photo: Google Maps)

Last Friday night, the police broke up a party held in two student houses on the Coenderstraat in Delft. There were about 100 people at the party and none of them adhered to the corona rules. The police officers and the Permits Monitoring and Enforcement Department of the Municipality of Delft dished out fines of EUR 390.

The police also issued fines for excessive noise. One of the buildings where the party was held belongs to the Delfts Studenten Corps (DSC). The association has two houses on the Coenderstraat.

‘Angry and disappointed’
Earlier this month, Mayor Marja van Bijsterveldt wrote a letter in which she called upon TU Delft students to not give house parties. Just like Rector Magnificus Tim van der Hagen, she said that she was ‘angry and disappointed’. Both have requested the Senate, the Board of DSC, to impose strict sanctions.

This has now been done. The Senate announced that sanctions have been imposed, but what kind of sanctions is not clear. In a response on its website, the association says that it regrets ‘that in these times, where everyone has to stand strong to avoid spreading the coronavirus, members of DSC held a party’.

The Senate requested every member at the party to self-quarantine for 14 days at home; to have themselves tested if they displayed any symptoms; and to inform both the Senate and the organisers of the party if they are infected.

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