Finding a career on your summer vacation

For the typical student summertime means sunshine, travel and relaxation. For the graduating student, however, summer usually brings the worry and uncertainty that comes with finding work. To ease some of that stress, the TU Delft Career Centre offers a summer career week program.

Struggling with one’s plans and even professional identity during the graduation and post-graduation phase is as normal as it is confusing. The Summer Career Week, which was held from July 8th to July 12th 2013, had five categories of workshops to offer to TU Delft students. These included two classics ‘Writing your CV and Motivation Letter’ and an ‘Interview Training’, and three fresh concepts, ‘Finding Your Professional Self’, ‘Personal Branding’ and ‘Jobsearch 2.0’. Additionally ‘Jobsearch 2.0’ delved into making the participants masters of LinkedIn.

The program was open to both Dutch and international students. However, many of the students in attendance were international students who are interested in staying in the Netherlands, or Europe, after graduation. “By mixing Dutch and international students, the participants could learn from each other’s experiences and tips on how to land a job in the Netherlands or abroad,” says Anika Rose, Junior Career Counselor.

Hugo Enrique Cruz Barco is pursuing a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Technology but he wants to move from engineering to sales or management. He enrolled in both the ‘Finding your professional self’ and ‘Personal branding’ workshops.  “The workshops were interesting and insightful. Through teamwork and proactive discussions you were able to better discover yourself. The first workshop provided direction, while the second helped me learn how to market myself,” says Barco.

Seats were limited and in great demand. “We understand that we disappointed students as the seats for these workshops quickly filled up,” said Rose.  If you were unable to attend this event, The Career Centre offers many other workshops throughout the year for those who were unable to attend this event. They also allow students to attend events for up to a year after graduation.  

“We are looking for opportunities to add to next year’s offer with similar workshop series. During this entire summer we are open and here to help with all students’ career questions and throughout the year we offer four walk-in opportunities a week: two for CV checks and two for open consultation hours,” says Rose.   

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