Fill out this housing crisis questionnaire

Fill out this housing crisis questionnaire



Have you found a room yet, or are you afraid you’ll have to spend this college year in expensive hotels? Or are you just fed up with your student house and looking for a normal apartment, without dirty dishes from your roommates on the counter? The EenVandaag Opinion Panel conducts research into the housing crisis in the Netherlands and is especially looking for students who are stuck in the housing market to fill out their questionnaire –  because students have not been heard enough in this crisis. The results will be shared mid-September on the channels of EenVandaag, NPO3, Brandpunt+ and Delta and you can participate until 12 September.


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In 2021, TU Delft freshmen who did not have a room slept in cardboard tents during the OWee. (Photo: Daniel Korvemaker)


Due to technical reasons, EenVandaag only offers the survey in Dutch. They advise internationals to have Google Chrome and Safari translate the questions automatically. “Because we know that international students in particular suffer from the shortage of student housing, we would very much like this group to participate in the survey as well. The open questions can be completed in English.”



Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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