Extra millions for safety in higher education


Extra millions for safety in higher education



A special program to improve social safety in Dutch higher education will be introduced, for which 16 million euros are reserved. Furthermore, laws and regulations will be stricter, announced Education Minister Dijkgraaf in a parliamentary letter (in Dutch) on social safety.


Already, a budget had been announced for research, monitoring and culture change: 4 million euros annually until 2031. To this will be added another 4 million euros over the next four years (a total of 16 million euros) for a program that is aimed to make changes in the structure and culture at the institutions for students and staff.


Much has be done by the institutions themselves, but Dijkgraaf wants to adjust laws and regulations. For example, he wants to put the duty of care for social safety in the Higher Education and Scientific Research Act. That would make it easier to hold institutions to it.


As far as the Minister is concerned, the rules would become stricter. The board would be obliged to report to the Education Inspectorate any suspicion of sexual violence or sexual harassment against a student by an employee. Currently, this obligation to report only applies if the student is a minor. Also, imposing a duty of silence will be prohibited. In addition, Dijkgraaf wants to find out whether there should be an independent hotline. (HOP, BB)


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