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Energy support for student complexes

Tenants in student complexes will also get lower energy bills thanks to government support. It is not yet clear how quickly the money will reach these students.

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The government has introduced a ‘price cap’: a maximum price for energy up to a certain consumption per energy connection. Earlier, households received a 380-euro discount on their bills in November and December.

But in some buildings, tenants all share one connection. They have ‘block heating’ or fall together under the same energy contract, which the landlord has arranged. They then use too much energy to benefit from a price cap and also miss out on the 380 euro discount.

The government wants to come up with something for that situation. Minister Jetten (Climate and Energy) outlined a special scheme late last year. Landlords will soon be able to apply to the tax authorities for a subsidy for their residents.

According to policy officer Jos Bakker of the umbrella organisation of student housing associations (Kences), the Ministry is on course to make the scheme public in mid-February. Tenants with their own front door will still get that 380 euro discount, and tenants of ‘non-self-contained units’ will get part of that amount.

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