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Energy allowance for some students

Energy allowance for some students



Some students will receive an energy allowance from the government next academic year after all. The amount involved is 400 euros for students living away from home with a basic grant as well as a supplementary grant.


Because of the high energy costs, low-income families received an energy allowance of 1,300 euros last year, but municipalities would be allowed to exempt students from this. In various court cases, however, municipalities lost out and had to grant students an allowance after all.


With the upcoming energy allowance, Poverty Minister Schouten has included (in Dutch) a scheme for students after all. If they qualify for it, they will receive 400 euros through student finance provider DUO. 


The government gives that amount on a one-off basis to students living away from home with a basic grant who also – and this is the crux – receive a supplementary grant. The idea: these students can fall back on their parents less if they run into problems with their energy bills. (HOP, BB)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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