Encontrando inspiración en Tayrona

After finalizing our analysis with the additional information from last week’s conference, this week the time has come to start thinking about solutions. With a lot of enthusiasm we started working on several solutions for our final recommendation!

Achter mijn bureau duik ik in de al verzamelde papieren over de watersector in Maleisië en probeer ik nieuwe contacten – eerst potentiele kennispartners – boven tafel te halen. Heel interessant natuurlijk. Maar wat gebeurt er buiten dat bureau?

With our project really starting to take form, we decided to explore several options regarding the protection of the city. The process started in a rough stage consisting of three divisions. Our first priority was to explore the possibilities concerning the drainage. The second was to investigate the possibilities in coastal protection against tidal intrusion. Lastly we wanted to create a solution that could also deliver commercial value in addition to water retention.

The group split into pairs and each pair focused on one of the possible solutions and creating different options. This went very well until we had to find which solutions fitted together best and assess which of the created solutions was best suited in the city of Cartagena. This led to a vigorous discussion and eventually to a dead end.

Being stuck and having made contact with the lead engineer of Cartagena, Santiago Rizo, we decided maybe an interview would help us with our project. He was very happy to assess and gave us an enormous amount of information during this interview. This, in combination with a consultation of our supervisor, gave us new insight into which direction we want to go. Our main goal has now become to create a technical solution that is applicable within the political situation in Cartagena. Last Friday we made a clear overview of what everyone was going to investigate further.

After a week of hard work we needed to get out of the office for a while. Thankfully our new Colombian friends invited us to go to the national park Tayrona! This park is only a five hour bus drive away and with great company in the bus we were there in no time. What we may have underestimated was the walk we had to make to arrive at our sleeping arrangements. With the advice of our Colombian locals to all wear long pants against mosquitoes we went on our way.

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