Ecorunner presents most efficient car

Ecorunner presents most efficient car



The Dream Team Eco-Runner XIII will show their latest creation on Tuesday evening, 2 May: a car that travels more than 2,000 kilometres on less than 1 kilogram of hydrogen. With this, the Delft team hopes to take back the world record from ARM Engineering, who drove 2055.68 kilometers last year. The Ecorunner Teams hopes to drive minimally 2056 kilometers on 950 grams of hydrogen.


The long distance requires a sturdier construction, but the lighter the more economical. “With a heavier car you do lose some efficiency, so choices and trade-offs had to be made there. In short, we have been very busy finding a balance between efficiency and robustness,” explained PR manager Eline Schwietert.


How those trade-offs have worked out can be seen in the auditorium on Tuesday 2 May 2023. Walk-in from 7pm, 7.30pm the programme starts with a closing drink at 9pm. Tickets are available free of charge. A presentation will follow on 13 June at the Markt in Delft and the three-day endurance race will take place on 23 to 25 June.


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For the moment, the Ecorunner XIII remains unrevealed. (Photo: Team Ecorunner)

Science editor Jos Wassink

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