DUO algorithm out of order


DUO algorithm out of order



In the fight against basic grant fraud, DUO should not use an algorithm for the time being, according to minister Robbert Dijkgraaf. He first wants to have it investigated whether that algorithm does not accidentally discriminate. 


“Until further notice, I want checks to be made only via a random sample of students living away from home, without any other search criteria,” Dijkgraaf said in the House of Representatives on Thursday evening. This was prompted by the news (Dutch only) from the press office for education HOP, Investico and newsplatform NOSop3 that students with a migration background are more quickly targeted by DUO. 


MP Jeanet van der Laan (D66) had asked for this in a motion. GroenLinks and DENK had also tabled motions on detecting fraud with the basic grant. 

Dijkgraaf reiterated that he was shocked by the reporting: “It cannot be that certain specific groups are singled out during checks, even if unintentionally. The painful lessons of the childcare allowance affair mean that the government and DUO owe it to themselves to investigate every signal of discrimination to the bottom.” 


He does not want to make up for any past mistakes immediately. He also does not want to promise that the burden of proof will fall on DUO again. First, he will have research done, only then he wants to consider changing the policy. 


On Tuesday, the House of Representatives will vote on the motions. (HOP, BB)


Managing editor Katja Wijnands

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