‘Do not exclude students from energy allowance’

‘Do not exclude students from energy allowance’



Municipalities have been advised not to give students an energy allowance of EUR 800. But legal experts believe that excluding students is unlawful and will not stand up in court.


To the surprise of the LSVb students’ union, the Cabinet advised the municipalities not to give students the energy allowance. ‘The living arrangements of students are very diverse’, the Cabinet stated in an explanatory document. ‘Because of this diversity, the individual special assistance is a more suitable instrument than the standard special assistance for this target group.’


But legal experts believe that the advice is not legitimate, reports TV programme Nieuwsuur (in Dutch). Legal expert Willy Heesen states that students ‘as a group’ cannot simply be excluded from the allowance. He expects that students who file a case against their municipality will be vindicated by the judge.

Science editor Jos Wassink

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