Delta editors nominated for De Tegel

Delta editors Annebelle de Bruijn and Tomas van Dijk are nominated for De Tegel, the most important award for journalists in the Netherlands.

TU student Liam van Dijk's illustration accompanying the first article of the five-part series, which Delta published in March 2021.

De Bruijn and Van Dijk are nominated in the Regional/Local category for their series of articles about the links between TU Delft and Chinese universities associated with the Chinese army. To identify these associations, De Bruijn and Van Dijk spent months going through Chinese, English and Dutch language policy documents, university websites, research reports and newspaper articles. Among their findings is that at least 29 Chinese PhD candidates and guest researchers from the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) acquired research experience at TU Delft on subjects that could in part be used for military purposes. 

This in-depth journalistic research was awarded the Kring Award in December for the best article of the year in Dutch university and university of applied sciences media. “A highly informative article … about which the Netherlands takes a rather naive position,” was the jury’s comment about the first article in the China series that Delta published in the spring of 2021. 

De Tegel, for which Delta is now nominated (in Dutch) is considered the most important journalism award in the Netherlands. Journalists such as the NRC newspaper’s editor Joep Dohmen and current affairs programme Nieuwsuur’s journalist Bas Haan, who are well-known across the country, are also contenders. “Strong competition,” says Delta’s Chief Editor Saskia Bonger. “I am very happy with this amazing nomination. This is a first for us. And it comes on top of having won the Kring Award and the enormous amount of attention we managed to draw to knowledge security both within and outside TU Delft. I am incredibly proud of Annebelle and Tomas and of everyone who contributed to this series.”

The De Tegel award ceremony will be held on 23 May 2022. 

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