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Delft and its surrounding area have a variety of unique local products to offer. Many of these can be seen by visiting the monthly Delftse Streekmarkt (Delft regional market).

Established in September 2013, the regional market provides an opportunity to learn more about and sample products local to the Delft area. More than a dozen small businesses participate in the market held on the third Thursday of each month near the Old Church in Delft. Products range from organic bread and goat cheese to wooden chopping boards and craft beer.

The regional market not only provides a sales outlet for local businesses, it also enables them to begin establishing a demand for their products. Gonne Golliard, sole beekeeper and owner of Beeware explains how important the market has been for her business. The market used to be the only way for me as a micro business to sell my product. Through my participation here I’ve been able to organise other locations where I will soon begin selling. It’s been vital for by business.”

Whilst the products are the main focus of the regional market, Hein Laakes of De Werkplaats, believes that the opportunity to generate awareness for his organisation is also of great importance. “De Werkplaats is part of a larger organisation, Stichting Stunt,” Laakes says. “It provides an opportunity for long term unemployed to learn new skills, making re-entry into the workforce easier. Any way we are able to publicise the organisation and show people what we produce is very beneficial.” All products are created using reclaimed wood donated by local businesses. Laakes believes that De Werkplaats gives people and wood a second chance.

Participating businesses believe that the regional market has a sense of community and a supportive atmosphere. “We enjoy being at the market. It’s nice to be together with other local producers.” reflects Tina Verhoef of MooiMekkerland, specialists in goat cheese and milk. Golliard feels that it’s good to see how many Delft businesses and producers there are, and how well they work together.It’s not a competitive environment here. I actually found out about the streekmarkt via Gaston of the ‘Delftse Waren’. They thought it was somewhere that could help my business.”

So next time you’re in town on the third Thursday of the month, take the time to stroll around the Old Church located on Heilige Geestkerkhof and visit the Delftse streekmarkt. You never know what local products you might discover.

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