Delft moves and shop windows come to life

Are you going to spend this weekend in Delft and are you looking for something fun to do? In this article, we give you some ideas, like an exciting dance show or shop windows that come alive.

Every year, the shop windows of Delft come alive during the ‘Living Shop Windows Day’.

House of Styles meets Delft Moves

Do you secretly practice your dance moves when you are alone in your room? Or do you just enjoy sitting back and watching dancers perform? Then you are in luck, because this Friday, Theater de Veste is hosting the opening night of the Delft Moves Festival. Starting at 17:30, several dance crews, individual dancers and local talent will give a sizzling show. You are more than welcome to dance along or just watch. Tickets are 7.50 euros, and the show ends at 22:15.

Steck Stage

Did you know that Delft’s favourite student disco, Steck, regularly has cool bands performing live? This Friday, the Belgian band The Lighthouse will play a mix of indie pop and electric pop, similar in style to Vampire Weekend. The band has also played at the famous Sziget festival in Hungary. The Lighthouse is followed by the Amsterdam-based band The Visual, who describes its style as “melancholic but bombastic”. The evening starts at 21:30 and the entrance is free.

If you are more into DJs, you can go to Steck on Saturday, where you can dance all night. Every month, DJ Leroy invites a guest DJ to do a live show where they DJ ‘back to back’. They take turns in playing one song. This week, he plays with The Hague DJ duo Dushi Sanki.

Shop windows come to life

If you plan to do some shopping in the centre of Delft this weekend, do not be alarmed if the mannequins in the shops start to move. The yearly ‘Levende Etalage Dag’, or ‘Living Shop Windows Day’ is this Saturday. People wear costumes that are based on a theme related to the Dutch Golden Age, and stand in the window of participating stores to entertain the visitors and passers-by. This year the theme is ‘blue’.

Rewire festival The Hague

This weekend, the Rewire Festival returns to The Hague. This time, the annual international festival has over 100 concerts, multidisciplinary performances, talks and more on offer. The performances are spread from Friday to Sunday, and are held in venues all over the city. Artists this year include Laurie Anderson, Nina Kraviz, James Holden and two of the composers of the Stranger Things theme music. A ticket for the full three days costs 75 euros, and a day ticket costs 33.50 euros.

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