Delft: A lesson in life

Studying at TU Delft comes with perks. Here’s why these Indian students seem to think so.
They are here to study, but these guys will be the first to tell you that life at TU Delft is about a lot more than being a geek.

Sumit Sachdeva (25) did his MSc in biochemical engineering at TU Delft and is now doing his PhD in nano organic chemistry here. Rishabh DevSharma (24) is a second-year MSc student studying systems and control.

Why did you decide to study in Delft?

Sachdeva: “I really liked the course structure here. I had applied to several universities for an MSc. I got scholarship for TU Delft and that clinched it.”

DevSharma: “I like to meet people from different cultures and I thought Europe will be less monotonous than the US in that regard.”

How does doing a PhD/MSc in the Netherlands help in the long run?

Sachdeva: “Research here is more applied. Projects are related to industry and there are several collaborative projects. The courses are interdisciplinary and learning-oriented instead of grades-oriented.”

DevSharma: “The way the course and life is structured here helps you evolve. I understand my ambition better and have a better understanding of myself as a person today.“

Are you part of any projects outside of class?

Sachdeva: “Until recently, I was the president of the Indian Students Association.”

DevSharma: “When I came here, I was given certain stereotypes of Dutch people that made me wary, but soon I realised that everyone is the same. Three of my Dutch friends and I have started a group called ‘Out of Control’, aimed student integration. We help new students in our department break the ice – with drinking sessions – and grapple with unfamiliar software.”

What was the biggest adjustment problem you faced when first arriving here?

Sachdeva: “For an Indian, life is different in many ways. I had to figure out lots of things on my own, like where to buy things. But, if you don’t struggle, you don’t have any fun.”

DevSharma: “Being independent. Doing everything from cooking to washing yourself.”

Any survival tips to suggest for new students?

Sachdeva: “Learn how to cook!”

DevSharma: “Studies are hard, the weather is tougher. But always remember to have fun.”

Any survival tips for each other?

Sachdeva: “Just have fun.”

DevSharma: “Grow your hair longer man, it helps against the cold!”

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