Delft also sounds climate alarm

Delft also sounds climate alarm


More than 35 thousand people sounded the alarm on Sunday 14 March for a greener and fairer climate policy.

Just before the elections, 45 local climate coalitions asked attention for the climate crisis and the need for a fairer and more decisive climate policy. Because of the corona measures there was not a national march, but actions were organised in different places in the country. This was also the case in Delft, where 120 people gathered in front of the municipal offices.

(Photo: Delft Climate Coalition)

After contributions by various speakers, the participants rang the climate alarm at 15:00, with alarm clocks, drums, flutes and pans.

The alarm sounded throughout the country, where the number of participants in parks or squares varied by municipality. The demonstrations happened in an orderly fashion throughout the country, the initiators announced. (MvdV)

News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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