Debate on internationalisation

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Debate on internationalisation


What should an internationally oriented university look like in the 21st century? On 30 September, Studium Generale is organising a debate around this main question, with Delta columnist and PhD student Vishal Onkhar (3mE) in the panel. Other speakers are assistant professor Trivik Verma (TPM), student council member for Lijst Bèta Saraf Nawar and associate professor Roberto Rocco (Architecture and the Built Environment). They will look for answers to questions like ‘What can we learn from international students and their experience with integration in Dutch culture and on campus?’ and ‘To what point does internationalisation lead to a high quality of education?’


The Base Festival 2021 welcomed new international students to Delft at the end of August. (Photo: Daniël Korvemaker)


– What: debate ‘The International Campus’


– When: 30 September, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM


– Where: Live in the TU Delft Library (registration required) or online


– In preparation, read the column ‘Is the Netherlands racist?’ by Vishal Onkhar and the letter ‘Our degrees don’t cost the same’ by Trivik Verma.



Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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