The copy service which dr. Ellis van den Hende contracted to print her thesis prints both novels and theses on a daily basis. But printing a thesis that looked like a novel confused them.

“I studied the use of storytelling as a means of communicating entirely new product ideas to a consumer audience”, says Van den Hende (Industrial Design). “It turns out that telling a story about the product as if it already exists is a very effective way to make people more open to new product ideas. In fact, I rediscovered the potential of the oldest medium for communicating the newest product ideas.

Dr. Ellis van den Hende: ‘Really new stories’,  ISBN 978-90-8570-578-9, obtained her doctorate cum laude on 9 July 2010.

TU Delft has appointed Theo Dingemans and Harm Jonker as Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professors. The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek chairs were created to promote outstanding young scientists to the position of professor early in their academic careers. Jonker’s specialist subject is the role clouds play in climate research, while Dingemans’ focus is on new high-performance polymers. Since 2004, Jonker has served as associate professor of multi-scale physics at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, where he created an entirely new research field that studies key weather and climate issues – specifically the role of clouds in enhancing the greenhouse effect. Dingemans, a polymer chemist, is an associate professor at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and the Faculty of Applied Sciences. He created a new line of research in the field of new high-performance polymers for applications in the aerospace industry and beyond. 

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