Corona: not everything is going ahead as planned

While TU Delft’s Open Days are attracting hundreds of people to the campus, the TPM Faculty is cancelling a workshop because of the coronavirus. How does this work?

Open Days in Delft. (Photo: Katja Wijnands)

Despite a student contracting the coronavirus, TU Delft and the GGD (occupational health and safety board) saw no reason to cancel the Open Days scheduled for Friday 6 and Saturday 7 March. So the campus is packed on these two days.

At the same time, in its newsletter the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) announced that a workshop on Obfuscation, that was to be held in May in Delft, will be cancelled because of the coronavirus. The workshop’s organiser, Prof. Caspar Chorus, stated that many of the international speakers and participants have cancelled their flights because of health concerns not that the coronavirus is spreading worldwide.

Understanding responses
“It’s not so much that they are afraid of contracting the coronavirus, but of being stuck should airports be closed,” says Chorus. “Quite a lot of countries and institutes are strongly recommending not to travel internationally until summer. Some are even banning it. Under the circumstances, we thought it advisable to postpone the workshop so that we can hold a well-visited event later in the year.” Chorus says that he has received many understanding responses. “I see that clusters of other workshops are also being cancelled.”

Hygiene measures
Up to now, TU Delft’s policy is for events to go ahead. A spokesperson emphasises that visitors are asked ‘to comply with the recommended hygiene measures’. She also explains that “we also urgently request them not to come to campus if they have respiratory problems or a fever, regardless of where they have been or who they have come into contact with.” She asks everyone to regularly check the website for the latest information.

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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