Collegerama 2014: Keeping up the momentum

2013 was a great year for TU’s online education initiative Collegerama. Total online views of the Collegerama website went up by 50% to 796,106 hits, while total lecture views also increased by 50% to 618,598 views.

The amount of material available online saw a big increase as well, with online lectures going up by 31% and online OpenCourseWare by 40%. One of the biggest contributors to the collection of online presentations is the faculty of 3mE with over 3,500 online presentations, while the faculty of CiTG has over 2,000 presentations. 

“We have been around for 10 years, and have seen a steady growth every year. 2013 was definitely a good year, and part of it can be credited to the fact that the Executive Board has spoken strongly in favour of online education. But it’s also because students have supported us and want more classes online,” explains Gerben Dijkstra, one of the coordinators of Collegerama. He adds that while MOOCs and online educations trends also worked in their favour, “we are happy that we foresaw this trend 10 years ago”. 

For 2014, their aim is to in-crease the available content and recorded lectures by using available infrastructure to the optimum. “We don’t have the budget at the moment to invest in more recording sets, but we want to increase the number of hours we record. So, we will work on optimization – may be use the same lecture hall for back-to-back lectures, so two can be recorded on one set and so on. It’s like a big puzzle, but we are getting better and better at it,” explains Dijkstra. 

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