Coffee Star to stay on IDE square

Coffee Star to stay on IDE square



The Coffee Star on the square in front of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE), Coffee & Bikes, may stay. The new campus caterer Appèl has signed an agreement with this subcontractor to that effect. Initially, Starbucks was also in the running for this location, but according to Appèl, ‘the goal has always been to listen to the wishes of the customer’.


A petition to preserve the Coffee Star has been signed more than two thousand times in recent days. A TU Delft spokesperson let it be known on Friday 16 June, then off the record, that the Coffee Star should stay as far as the university was concerned. What she could also tell then, and what Appèl now confirms, is that the deal with Coffee Star is done. According to an Appèl spokesperson, she could not report this earlier because the caterer wanted to talk to those involved themselves first. “But it is very nice that there is such a committed response”, she said.


Coffee Star director Jan Willem Keus, meanwhile, is ‘delighted’. Despite Covid 19, his company has been able to ‘establish chemistru’ at Coffee & Bikes over the past five years, he points out. “We have people standing there who are totally into the rhythm of teaching, who think along with the guests. This creates something that is more than a cold transaction.” Keus says he is looking forward to working with Appèl. “I want to move further into plant-based offerings, with animal milk becoming the exception. They are leading in that.” (SB)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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