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Breathalyser for underage OWee participants

Breathalyser for underage OWee participants

OWee participants with a yellow wristband can be subjected to a breathalyser test at a number of sports and student associations. If underage participants are found to have been drinking alcohol, their band is cut. This means they can no longer participate in the activities and an interview with TU Delft will follow. “Within the OWee, there are clear agreements about alcohol. These are laid down in the alcohol covenant. But we cannot see what happens off site in the catering industry or with alcohol from the supermarket,” said chairman of the safety consultation Alexander Lokhorst. How many people were turned away as a result of a breathalyzer test is still unclear.


The initiative for the tests comes from the clubs themselves. “It is a clear signal that they are taking their responsibility,” Lokhorst said. In addition to the breathalyser tests, they also check that people are not getting too drunk. “At the parts where TU Delft is responsible, there are professional bar staff. They can judge well if someone is drunk and will not just give away beer to friends.” Lokhorst says he is proud of the way this OWee is going in terms of alcohol consumption. “We know that going dry is not an option, but we can play a preventive role.”


Managing editor Dorine van Gorp

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