[Blog#3] IRPdelft is counting down to summer

IRPdelft 2019 is preparing for a research project abroad this summer. We share our experiences about the excitement in the group to start working on the projects.


The group has participated in several training days at different consultancy firms. We have already visited Bain, BCG and Flatland, and there is one company left: McKinsey. At Bain, we learned how to approach our research question and use the answer-first methodology. At BCG we zoomed in on personal skills and got some tips and tricks on giving feedback. At Flatland we had to step out of our comfort zone and practice visual thinking. These training days are a great experience for IRPdelft as they are fun and we can immediately apply the knowledge we gain in our projects.



The acquisition phase already started in January, so you may be wondering how far we are now. To be honest, we are doing well and the last contract will be signed next week! A good reason to pop some champagne and celebrate what we have achieved together. Since all five projects are almost signed, we can actually start working on them and preparing our stay in India!

Up to this point we worked together in the team of 20 to get five projects. Before we can start the project, the group will be divided into 5 teams. Everyone is really excited to know who will be in each project team and to start working on the projects.


Besides project related work, there are some practical matters that also need consideration given that we are going to a challenging country, India. We are getting our vaccinations, learning about the culture and meeting Indian people in Delft. A few weeks ago, someone from the Embassy joined to give us some tips on behaviour in Indian culture in general and in the business culture. With some shopping lists and recipes in our pocket, we are almost ready to board the plane to India.

Just before we leave, we will come back to you with a new update on our projects.

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