The bike of Jens Boemer

Jens Boemer has owned a good number of bikes in his lifetime, but in recent years he has become a big fan of Dutch bikes. Even before he moved to the Netherlands from his native Germany he owned Dutch bikes.

Boemer moved to the Netherlands, along with his wife and one year old daughter, in February of this year to pursue his PhD.

Name: Jens Boemer (Germany, Electrical Sustainable Energy department, EEMCS, PhD Student)

Price: Around 250 euros

Brand: Sparta

Striking feature: Hub brakes

He bought his current bike in Delft in the spring of 2009 after he had an accident in Berlin with another bike (which he also bought in Delft!). “I was hit by a car that disregarded my right of way on my way home from work,” states Boemer. The car missed hitting his head by about 30cm and he ended up in the hospital. Despite such a serious accident, Boemer did not hesitate to get back on a bike.

In choosing the replacement bike, it is no surprise that an engineer would be concerned about engineering. Boemer said it was the combination of hub brakes and gears along with well-engineered Dutch wheels that made him choose this bike. It has hub brakes on the front and back wheels as well as a three-speed hub on the back wheel. Hub brakes are incorporated into the hub of a wheel, as opposed to a rim brake. “They allow me to ride fast and brake safely at the same time which is very useful, for example, when one of the Dutch lift bridges suddenly opens in front of me,” says Boemer. Hub brakes also have the advantage of being weatherproof, which is quite an asset in this Dutch climate.

In talking with Boemer, you will quickly learn that he has a wry sense of humour, as well as a sturdy bike. “I was stunned by the fact that the bike allowed me to give a ride to my wife in her 8th month of pregnancy without collapsing.” Aside from transporting a pregnant wife, the bike is mainly used for commuting between TU and home, grocery shopping, bicycle tours with family and friends and other activities like moving house. It is also missing a kick stand, and Bomer says he will gladly accept donations.

When asked what he thinks about cycling in the Netherlands, Boemer said, “I am not thinking, I am feeling. It feels great.”

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