The bike of Arwin Khoshnewiszadeh

Name: Arwin Khoshnewiszadeh (Norway, BSc, Aerospace Engineering)
Price: 140 Euros
Brand: Panasonic DX-3000
Striking Feature: Steel tubing with a beautiful color scheme

Before coming to Delft from Norway three years ago, Arwin Khoshnewiszadeh rarely used a bike.

In his home city of Oslo there are few dedicated paths and he says most cyclists ride on the road which can result in dangerous situations. But as he soon learned, even living in the land of bike paths doesn’t eliminate the danger for cyclists.

In mid-September, Khoshnewiszadeh was riding on the main bike path next to the Faculty of Architecture when a car suddenly crossed in front of him. “My front wheel hit the back door and I flew into the windows head first,” he recalled. Luckily other cyclists helped him and called an ambulance. He was taken to the hospital where they checked for neck and head injuries. “I was really lucky and was sent home with only a groggy feeling and headache,” he said. “I can’t say the same for my bike.”

Khoshnewiszadeh quickly found a worthy replacement for his old bike online. The price, coupled with its appearance, inspired him to contact the seller right away. “When I picked up the bike, it was love at first sight,” said Khoshnewiszadeh. “It’s an old bike which looks as handsome as it did 25 years ago and rides as smooth as butter.”

Khoshnewiszadeh has only owned his current bike for a couple of months. “I would say we are still in the getting to know each other’ phase,” he said. The bike, which he describes as having a beautiful colour scheme, was extremely well maintained for being even older that Khoshnewiszadeh himself.

Initially, he planned to use the bike for racing. But Khoshnewiszadeh enjoyed riding it so much around Delft that he now uses is almost daily for getting around. “I have fun with this bike every day,” he said. “I love riding really fast to and from university. If someone overtakes me I take it as a challenge and pick up my speed and bike past them. There is therefore seldom a slow moment with my bike.”

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